Why Buy Your Next Vacuum From AAVac?

The best place to learn about a product before you make an informed purchase would be from an Expert in the field and with nearly 40 years in the Vacuum Cleaner business, we have gained a lot of knowledge of what works, what doesn’t and why. You will find us competitively priced with anyone including the Internet. So Personal Customer Service is where we decided to excel like no others can or will and we do so to earn your support. We invite you to come find out the difference that we strive to be. Here you are a relationship and we are appreciative of you choosing us, a Locally Owned Family Enterprise.
Thank You.

1. Lifetime FREE Annual Maintenance Tune-Ups.

(On any of our Premium Vacuums to ensure your vacuum cleaner works at peak performance and lasts a very long time.)

2. Lifetime FREE Labor on Vacuum Repair or Service.

(On any of our Premium Vacuums because things happen, so if the dog chews your cord off or you clog it up or anything else goes wrong, you’re covered with minimal or no cost to you. (Parts not included)

3. Lifetime 10% Discount on any Future In-Store Purchase.

(Once you buy a Premium Vacuum Cleaner from us you will enjoy that discount off anything in our store and we have a lot of things you will like.)

4. Lifetime FREE Rental on our Carpet Shampooers.

(We have both Wet and Dry Method Shampooers for the do-it-yourselfers. Limit to twice a year call for reservations and availability.)

5. Preferred Client “Front of the Line” Policy.

(If you’re nice enough to have bought here, we’re nice enough to put your vacuum in front of the vacuum repair line ahead of all the others who did not.)

6. LARGE SELECTION: Choose from over 50 vacuums to fit your specific needs and try them before you buy them.

(New…Used…Factory Rebuilds…we have something in your price range that will work for you and if we don’t have it we can probably get it.)

7. FREE Personal Instruction on how to use all the features on you new Vacuum.

(You’d be surprised at what people don’t know what they don’t know.)

8. FREE Assembly on any Vacuum Purchased here.

(Yep…You don’t have to read the assembly instructions, I can do it 10 times faster anyway and you wouldn’t believe the mess-ups I’ve seen.)

9. We take Trade-ins and able to make a Deal.

(Hey… I own the place and I want to make us both Happy.)

10. We are the Authorized Warranty Service Centers for the products we sale.

(Just because you have a warranty it doesn’t mean you have a place to take it when you need it, making it useless.)

BEST OF ALL you get me, Adam Moritz, the proud owner of the AAVAC Center.  If you have a problem, question or concern, I am available to take care of it.

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