We offer both a wet and dry carpet shampooing method and have a 24 hour rental or a weekend (pick up Thursday and bring back Monday) rental, please call for rates.


Most people are familiar with this method but instead of the “Rug Doctor” type  units you see at most places our carpet cleaning machine is the exact same unit a Professional would purchase if they were going into the actual business of cleaning carpets for a living. Giving you more water spray pressure, better extraction suction and larger water storage capacity (less fill-ups). Our shampoo and pre-clean is also the same Professional Quality the Pros use because if they don’t’ do a good job they won’t be asked back.


I prefer the HOST dry method, you don’t get your carpets wet, leaves no soap residue and is easier and requires less physical effort to use. Just hand sprinkle out the cleaner, brush it in with our machine and vacuum it up with your own vacuum a hour later and you’re done.
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