Robot Vacuums are a recent addition to the AAVac lineup and I chose iRobot because they were the creators of this category and are primarily a robotics firm not a vacuum cleaner company but have added a few other companies robots to the mix such as Hoovers new bot. I get asked often what my opinion of robots are so here it goes.

When they first came out I sorta dissed them as a “dustbuster on wheels” but as time went on I keep hearing how much people I talked to loved them and one guy in particular changed my outlook. He had approached me at a Builders Home Show one year I had a booth at and asked if I sold robots. I said I was thinking about it but was just hesitant because I wasn’t convinced they would work all that well. It turned out he owned 7 of them which he used at his Bread and Breakfast in Bella Vista and was his sole “Cleaning Crew” and was very satisfied with how well they worked. My wife also belonged to a Quilters Forum and apparently a lot of her friends on there had them and loved their robots as well. Secretly I think she wanted one and I needing to come up with a Christmas present for her so I decided to take the plunge. Well it turned out to be her favorite vacuum she has ever had and I’m pretty impressed with the one I use here in the store.

I think the real secret is to use them every day which few people have the time to do but who cares if the robot does. That way you’re keeping up with the dirt before it get worked deep into the carpet and you really don’t need much of a vacuum that way and hard surface cleaning is a breeze for them.  I can now say I recommend them as a way to clean your home. All the robots we sell here for over $399.00 qualify for the AAVac Advantage Program and we hope you consider us for your purchase. and we invite you to come in and learn more

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