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The Miele Vacuum line is arguable my favorite line I offer here at the AAVac Center as the German Engineering that goes into their design is extremely impressive to me whether I’m wearing  either my Sales or Repairman Hat. Miele is the largest Family Owned Appliance Manufacturer in the World and I can easily see the same pride they have in their product as if it was my family name on them. Being so diverse in their product line allows them to have 16 separate Manufacturing Facilities in Germany so one might be just dedicated to making electric motors which gives them extraordinary Quality Control over the parts that go into their vacuums like no others can. They are the only Vacuum I am aware of that has been scientifically “Certified” to be a actual HEPA Vacuum, so if dust coming back out into the air while you vacuum the house is a concern to you these are the Vacuum Cleaners I highly recommend.

Most vacuums with HEPA Filters actually are not HEPA Vacuums they just mislead you into believing they are by advertising the filter as opposed to what is truly being exhausted out of the machine. I have ten times more people coming into my Store who have been researching what is the best vacuum specifically looking for a Miele then all the other brands I carry combined, that’s admirable and speaks volumes.

We carry almost the entire line-up of Miele Vacuums but we also have the HomeCare Series an exclusive line only available to Select Dealers and not Online. The HomeCare Line was actually designed for us so we could give you far more for a lot less in cost to compete with the Online Phenomena we Brick & Mortar deal with today. Due to their quality all my Miele Models are considered as Premium Vacuums and qualify for our AAVac Advantage Program.

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