We were very honored  that when the Fayetteville Oreck Store lost their lease and decided to close that the Oreck Company wanted only us to be the new representative in this area knowing we would continue to properly serve the many Oreck Customers they have in NW Arkansas. We are a full Oreck Dealer carry most of their offerings and supplies and of course our trained technicians can do any Oreck vacuum repair.  Orecks are famous for weighing in at only 8 pounds and are the lightest and easiest vacuum cleaner to push out there and have more suck-per-ounce that any lightweight contender. This is due to them being the only Company who have placed a Direct Air Motor into their design giving them ultimate power at the intake nozzle and comparable to any heavier full size upright.. They are built well and one can expect many years of service out of a Oreck Vacuum. Most of our Oreck Vacuums qualify for the AAVac Advantage Program and if you are needing light weight but still want the job done right this is the best vacuum for that purpose.

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