My SEBO line is without a doubt the most bullet-proof upright vacuum cleaners we offer here at the AAVac Center and is another one of our German made products. Back in 2003 I attended our Las Vegas Vacuum Cleaner Convention and had stopped by their booth expressing my need for a more durable upright then the Hoover, Bissell and Eureka Vacuums whose quality had severely declined over the years. They of course said they had it but before I committed they suggested as I wandered around the various Casinos too look and see what Vacuums they were using. Their explanation for this challenge was part of a Casino’s atmosphere is to have a very clean environment and obviously they have acres and acres of carpets to maintain plus having a business budget they needed to have something durable enough they didn’t have to replace it frequently and cleaned well enough to keep their carpet replacement cost down to. Well to my amazement every Casino was using a SEBO made product so needless to say I was very impressed and brought them in and my customers love them, of course they all qualify for our AAVac Advantage Program.

I’m particularly impressed with the X4’s as they are the only vacuum in the world that can actually adjust itself to the proper cleaning height to accomplish the best vacuuming job. It does so by measuring the resistance of the brush roller against the carpet or hard surface floor and using a servo motor raises the head up or down for perfect adjustment. A properly adjusted vacuum cleaner cleans better but few people know how to adjust it correctly or the vacuum doesn’t even have a adjustment feature. The SEBO line is also the best vacuum I have found if you have long hair to deal with due to the protective design and simplicity of servicing the Brush Roller which you know if you have long hair it’s something you have to on a regular basis.

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