Serina Water Vacuum

If you looking for a Bagless Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner like the Rainbow or Hyla but don’t want to pay the $3,000.00 price for door-to-door the Sirena is your machine. Selling for just $889.00 it will do everything theirs will including being used as a air-cleaner and comes with a 10 year Factory Warranty plus the AAVac Advantage ProgramIMHO as a vac expert catching the dirt in water is by far the best and only way to go “Bagless”  as you don’t loose airflow due to a dirty pre-filter like a dry bagless and you don’t expose yourself to a dust storm when dumping the debris either, a major health concern with all dry bagless types. Don’t let the major price difference fool you as I find them to be just as good in Quality and Performance as the Rainbow or Hyla the cost difference is just a simple matter of the  multiple commission method they are Marketed. However if you were totally sold on getting one of these expensive brands then used is definitely the way to go and I usually have a used one for sale although to me it’s a No-Brainer to get the Serina.

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