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Owner knows vacuums. Not pushy. Haven’t bought my vacuum yet but will once my carpet is installed. Spent 1 hr breaking down all the models and the benefits. Spend the money and buy a good vacuum. -S. Ahmad

Super knowledgeable owner, reasonable repair prices. Super clean shop with great selection and good advice. – D. Cheek

Helpful guy, quality products, and does repair work. – R. Deal.

Five Stars! – T. Moritz.

Got tired of Walmart specials breaking down on me, but took in to get fixed as a back up while I shopped for a vacuum cleaner that would not break down. I found one I liked for a reasonable price. Some of their inventory can be pricey if you want bells and whistle. I wanted a basic vacuum that would last past one year. Best feature is FREE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS FOR LIFE. Also, free annual maintenance. My new canister vacuum was under $400, and my husband got a used commercial grade upright also. We are super pleased. If this changes, I’ll update my review. But super happy so far.
The owner is Larry, who took over from his dad. That’s speaks to reputation.    

Frances W.

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