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The Best Vacuum Cleaner is worthless if it doesn’t have the proper belt, bags, filter or attachments (usually lost in a closet somewhere). A good belt, and clean filter or bag is what allows your vacuum cleaner to clean. Your attachments allow to get to where you need to clean. AAVac Center has a complete range of Bags, belts, filters and attachments. Come see us today!

On carpet over 80% of your vacuums cleaning ability comes from the Brush action. If your vacuum is not picking up the way it used to, it’s probably because your belt is broken or stretched. manufactures recommend you change that belt every 3-6 months. Don’t Know how? No problem, just bring your vacuum into the AAvac Center and we’ll show you how. For $10.00, you will think you have a new vacuum.

The tale of three bags. On the left – a standard paper bag, in the middle – a micro lined bag. On the right -a HEPA bag. For years all we had were paper bags, they never fully filled (we had customers wait years to get to the “change line” plugged up quickly and leaked dust all over your home. The answer to the question “Dust or Vacuum first” was always VACUUM. Except for some very old vacuums, these are not generally available except in the grocery store as a “replacement” or “made to fit”. The AAVac Center¬†doesn’t handle these bags except when there is no other option. Micro-lined bags are now the standard there is a lining of a HEPA mesh inside the bag that prevents the bag from plugging up and allows them to fill to the line. The answer to the question “Dust or Vacuum first/” is if you vacuum the room won’t be any dustier after than before. Today the standard in vacuum bags is HEPA. This cloth-like material NEVER leaks fills completely full and not only holds dust and dirt but allergens as well. The answer to the question “Dust or Vacuum first/” is it doesn’t matter. You will dust a lot less! The AAVac Center has bags to fit over 600 models of vacuums.

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