WHY AAVac Center?

I have found out over time, particularly in the early years of building my Vacuum Cleaner Business, is advertising to gain new customers is not only very expensive, but for the most part completely ineffective. What I inadvertently discovered was that word-of-mouth is the best way to build a loyal customer base, better yet, it’s absolutely free and all I had to do is be me. I’m a very small town kid and I learned that if I did something wrong, my mother usually found out about it before I got home, and there were consequences. Relating that to how I run my business today, is I live every day knowing if I do wrong people will hear about it, and there are consequences. However I found out if your honest, treat others like you want to be treated and work harder than what you get paid to do, people will hear about that too and that my friend brings success. I want people to share their experience here, I want it to be positive, that is my goal everyday! 

-Larry Moritz

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