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Dyson not only invented the Bagless Vacuum, they perfected it. Dyson Cinetic is the only bagless vacuum I at the AAVac Center recommend. Without going into a lot of technical explanation every other bagless including other Dyson Models depend on a washable pre-filter just before the motor intake as an essential part of their design. When this filter gets dirty, and it will, the slightest amount of dust will impede the airflow going through the motor stressing it and dramatically reducing the suction, sometimes completely.

So filters need to be cleaned often, they take several days to dry enough before they should be reinstalled and can never be cleaned good enough to have the airflow they had when new.  They are simply to maintenance intensive for most people to deal with so they don’t and therefore the vacuum is short lived and won’t clean well. Cinetec from Dyson is the first Bagless vacuum that requires no pre-filters fixing this problem and is HEPA rated as well as approved by the Allergy and Asthma Foundation. The Cintric’s are considered one of our Premium Vacuums and qualify for our AAVac Advantage Program.

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