I bought the e-cloth line in after receiving a free sample of the Kitchen Kit at our Vacuum Cleaner Convention. My wife Grace was my official tester and was amazed at how well they worked cleaning her countertop, she could literally feel the difference how it gripped the surface as she cleaned. Now my wife being the stingy type and would of NEVER EVER spent the money to buy this kit so I didn’t even ask her if she liked them I asked her if she would spend the $15.00 to replace it if she ever wore one out and she said yes. That coming from my wife is a endorsement for sure but with a average 6 years of use she won’t be needing to replace it anytime soon. After selling them for a while now my Customer feedback of how well these cloths clean is just as amazing and the fact all you use is Water to get the job done and do Chemical Free Cleaning makes the e-cloth the only way to go. I also have been asked by many how e-cloths compare to Norwex so here’s one link of many you decide.  At any rate e-cloths get a five star recommendation from this cleaning expert and I highly recommend them.

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