Since we sell the very best high filtration Vacuums at the AAVac Center getting into offering air-cleaners was a natural transition for us, however I didn’t know much about the technology behind them. Since knowledge of and wanting the absolute best in the products we carry here is our market niche I set out to educate myself. One year of constant research (I found it fascinating) $4,000.00 invested attending a “Air Cleaning College” in California, purchasing high tech testing equipment (Particle Scanner) and various products to test I came to the conclusion IQAir stood way out like no others. It is undoubtedly my favorite item to sell here because I have seen just how much it can help a person’s health and overall wellbeing. 


So if you’re wanting to find out more about cleaning the air you breathe I’d love to share all I learned and better yet I can scientifically prove how well these IQAir units perform with my Practical Scanner it’s very impressive (in-home demos available). Applicable portions of the AAVac Advantage Program apply to this fantastic product, come see the provable difference. 

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